New public draft of the RDF-star report [via RDF-DEV Community Group]

The RDF-star “task force” is proud to announce the third public draft of its report RDF-star and SPARQL-star. RDF-star (previously known as RDF*) extends RDF with a compact way of annotating triples, using them as the subject or object of other triples. This makes expressing, e.g., provenance or qualified relationships, easier than with standard RDF. SPARQL-star makes it possible to query such data in the same style.

Most of the report is now stable. Areas that are controversial include a discussion about the pros and cons that have been raised inside the group. Implementers are encouraged to run the test suite and submit implementation reports.

The group has started working on a draft charter for a future RDF-star working group. The goal is to promote RDF-star as proper W3C recommendation. Stay tuned.

Olaf HartigPierre-Antoine ChampinGregg KelloggAndy Seaborne


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'New public draft of the RDF-star report'

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