Assistance requested to be able to register application/rif+xml media type

Philippe Le Hegaret posted a request to public-rif-dev [1] asking for 
someone willing to work with him to address comments from IANA on our 
request to register the application/rif+xml media type.  We apparently 
forgot to register this years ago before the RIF Working Group concluded.

No one has yet volunteered there so PLH asked if I'd send the request to 
a wider list.  If you're willing to help but prefer to respond privately 
to either PLH or me we won't reject your offer.

Sandro noted that we never registered the media type for RIF, so I
submitted a request 2 weeks ago and received the following feedback.
I believe the next step would be to produce a revision of the REC that
includes the feedback. Unless I'm mistaken, we should be able to do so
through editorial changes:

I included for reference the template that I submitted at the end.

Is there anyone interested in working with me to help answer questions
and provide a revision?


See [1] for the details of the IANA comments.



Received on Friday, 12 February 2021 21:37:03 UTC