Unescaped XML in the SPARQL XML Result Format and Tuesday's agenda

Hi everyone,

Eric is at risk for Tuesday; Orri and Ivan M can't make it, and I have 
schedule-crunch. We're still doing well towards a decision to move to 
PR, but I think we might shorten up this Tuesday's teleconf and push the 
meat of our work to a week from Tuesday.

We do have one issue that we need to tackle ASAP:

On August 2, we received a comment from Stu Baurmann:


The message brings up the possibility of including unescaped XML literal 
values in the SPARQL Query Results XML Format. Although Richard Newman 
responded with some technical concerns about the suggestion, the Working 
Group never responded. We owe Stu a response before publishing a CR 
version of the XML results format.

I'd like to know if there is anyone on the working group who would like 
to consider this suggestion and propose a design for it. I know that 
Andy had some technical concerns about it and there are also, of course, 
schedule concerns, but in the interest of due diligence I wanted to give 
working group members who might support this comment a chance to speak up.

So please register your support or active lack of support on the mailing 
list if you can, and we'll attempt to dispatch of the comment on 
Tuesday's teleconference.

For Tuesday, I'm picturing taking up this issue and then going over 
where we stand in terms of advancing all three of our specifications to 
PR, and seeing who has what actions on the critical path between here 
and there. I'm hoping to keep the call to 30 minutes.

The flip side is that I'm expecting a somewhat lengthy call the week 
after -- probably on the order of 90 minutes. Please let us know as soon 
sa you can if you cannot make our call on Oct 2.


Received on Saturday, 22 September 2007 04:58:53 UTC