Re: updated turtle data files

Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I checked into CVS updated Turtle data files that should eliminate 
> numeric short forms in favor of explicit lexical form + datatype 
> representations under data-r2/.
> Could people who can run most of the test suite take a shot at the 
> latest in CVS and report any errors to me? I've done some spot checking 
> but am not currently setup to run the full suite (oops, better get that 
> in line by next week).
> I guess AndyS would be the best one to catch any mistakes I've made, but 
> any other reports are welcome!

I've run the tests from CVS and from the web successfully.

I had a basic check with:

find . -name \*.ttl -a ! -name manifest\* -print | xargs grep -l ' [0-9]'

I visually checked data files this produced and they look OK.

It did also yield many result files (RDF graphs in our vocabulary for result 
sets) in Turtle with short-cut numbers.

The use of rs:index does not matter but, in an ideal world, the use of 
rs:value would change as well.


> thanks,
> Lee

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