ACTION: ericP to requisition /TR/SPARQL

* Lee Feigenbaum <> [2007-08-07 12:43-0400]
> <LeeF> ACTION: ericP to requisition /TR/SPARQL as a switcher document pointing
> to the real specs [CONTINUES] [recorded in
> 07-dawg-minutes.html#action18]

After Ian thought about this, he realized that this is basically
a band-aid on a page that is already scheduled for intubation and
reconstructive surgery, by which the astute will deduce that the
new page will have a search box and an attractive look and feel.
In a few months, any "/TR/sparql" that we added now would have to
be carefully excised and kept alive extra-corporally to keep its
references viable.

in short, "nope, sorry"

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