aggregation and stuff.

4.2 data integration and aggregation

RDF can be used for data integration and aggregation. Some RDF 
are built by merging RDF triples from one or more locations, including
other RDF repositories or non-RDF sources converted to RDF.

Such an aggregations can be real or virtual.

4.2.1 Querying the Origins of Statements

It must be possible for the query language and protocol to allow an
RDF repository to expose the sources of the statements.

Note: If may be possible for a triple to actually be present in 
multiple sources.

4.2.2. Querying Over Multiple Sources

It should be possible for a query to specify which sources (as defined 
4.2.1) the query is executed against.

If more than one RDF graph is specified, the result is as if the query
had been executed against the merge of the specified RDF graphs.

4.2.3 Querying Multiple Repositories

It should be possible to query multiple repositories.

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