Minutes of RDF DAWG telecon 2004-08-31 for review

Minutes of RDF DAWG telecon 2004-08-31 for review


IRC log:  http://www.w3.org/2004/08/31-dawg-irc

1. Convene, take roll, review record, agenda

Attendees: Simon Raboczi, Alberto Reggiori , Andy Seaborne, Kevin  
Wilkinson, Yoshio Fukushige, Dan Connolly, Kendall Clark, Jos De Roo,  
Rob Shearer, Janne Saarela, Simon Raboczi, Hiroyuki Sato

Regrets: Dave Beckett, Steve Harris, Tom Adams, Farrukh Najimi, Bryan  
Thompson, Eric Prud'hommeaux

Scribe: Alberto Reggiori

The minutes of 2004-08-24 telecon
with amendments

Next meeting: Tuesday 2004-09-07 14:30 UTC, Simon Raboczi to scribe

Five actions were continued from last meeting without discussion:

ACTION: TomA: draft reply to Bjoerern Hoehrmann and send the drafts to  
the WG mailing list.

ACTION: AndyS to show xmlopen slides to DAWG one or two days in advance.

ACTION Simon+Kendall elaborate the rel. of rules and "construct" in the  
UC&R doc.

ACTION SimonR: write about the "returning bnodes from a query" issue.

ACTION: RobS to write response to Simon's union query. UC4.5

2. ftf logistics

DanC polling 3rd ftf attendee list (see also  
http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35463/DAWGf2f3/results )
--> no answer yet from: Enrico Franconi , Bryan Thompson, Jean-François  
Baget, Farrukh Najimi, Pat Hayes, James Hendler, Hiroyuki Sato

AndyS: proposed to have an informal "get together" meet with other  
RDFIG people on Wednesday night 15 Sept in Bristol
--> DanC, KendallC and others interested

3. starting another BRQL spec walkthru

  $Revision: 1.43 $ of $Date: 2004/08/31 12:53:57 $

RobS: Asked about rephrasing "a" remote protocol and not "the" where  
used into the text of the document.

DanC: noted that the abstract and the title of the document are not  
aligned ("BRQL - A Query Language for RDF" vs. "the Bristol RDF Query  
Language, or  BRQL")

DanC: suggested to shorten/cut the "Document outline" section

JanneS: s/PRFEIX/PREFIX in 2.1

SimonR: pointed out an error in the definition of triple pattern in  
section 2.2
--> Specifically, a ground triple as defined isn't always an RDF triple  
as claimed.

RobS: asking about Section 5 phrasing
--> AndyS: said that Section 5 migth be shorten - and refer to FROM  
and/or SOURCE clauses descriptions to better clarify current text

RobS: s/uri/uriref/ in many places in the doc
--> AndyS: ack: uri vs uriref : I gather RFC 2396 update will change  
URI to include #ref [:-( for us]

Discussion continued about phrasing of Section 2 "Making Simple  
Queries" alternative 1 vs. alternative 2
--> almost even the number of people liking either one or the other  
--> Yoshio et al. noted that the two sections might be part of two  
distinct cases

JanneS: AndyS, reference [5] link doesn't work

Discussion about PREFIX clause positioning - at the beginning, at the  
end or allow both
--> Yoshio: Is the ordering critical in function? or just as a  
    --> AndyS: parsing issue for one-pass parsing
--> SimonR: would like to choose one or the other approach rather than  
leaving the decision to the user
--> AlbertoR: likes both - just prefer the old/original RDQL syntax vs.  
N3/lisp new one

ACTION KendallC: volunteerd to "own" the PREFIX issue
--> DanC owes Kendall a beer

Discussion continued about freezing the BRQL document before the ftf  
for the reading list
--> during next telecon a decision will be made about when freeze BRQL  
document before 14/15 Sept

4. Use Cases & Requirements publication

KendallC: U&C was updated and various misc changes as reported into  
email to WG - see  

Discussion was about 4.2 ("Aggregation Graphs") vs. 4.5 ("Querying  
multiple Sources")
--> RobS: remains against 4.2 (still in pending status)
--> AlbertoR: emailed about FROM vs. SOURCE usage in RDQL and how both  
approces might be needed - and the possibility to re-conciliate UC&R  
4.2 and 4.5 sections - see  
--> SimonR and RobS further discussed about 4.5 and it  
aggregated/multiple-sources issue is out of the charter or not

DanC: is the current U&C editor working draft good/fresh enough for new  
--> KendallC: proposing to publish - and seconded

5. ftf agenda

DanC: agenda due to thursday

KendallC: proposed to add latest UC&R draft/document as item on agenda  
for f2f

ACTION SimonR: write a document discussing tradeoffs with adapting
XQuery as an RDF query language for discussion thru the September
meeting in Bristol.

ACTION: JimH, to work with Bijan to do some sort of UDDI/Web services  
use case.

6. SOURCE, "provenance"/data-management

ACTION: DaveB to repropose source in both results and restrictions.

ACTION: AndyS to (try to) compose a test case on inferred triples
--> DONE:  

Meeting adjourned 15:36 UTC

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