Re: RS-2: dependency/cause analysis

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 13:55, Rob Shearer wrote:
> A user is responsible for a complex system involving a large number of
> hardware/software dependencies. Dependencies among components and
> services, along with identifying attributes of each component and
> service, have been encoded in RDF triples of the form:
> myNet:LAN, myNet:hasDescription, "office LAN"^^xsd::string
> myNet:fw, myNet:hasDescription, "firewall"^^xsd::string
> myNet:inet, myNet:hasDescrption, "internet access"^^xsd::string
> myNet:inet, myNet:dependsOn, myNet:LAN
> myNet:inet, myNet:dependsOn, myNet:fw

ah... another use case near and dear to my heart...

not to mention dependency analysis between W3C specs,
a goal of mine near
and of working groups , and so on.

> RS-2a:
> A user wants to find all the things that depend on some particular
> component.
> E.g. if we take down the firewall, which services will be affected?
> RS-2b:
> A user wants to find all the requirements for a particular service.
> E.g. what services need to be working for me to have internet access?
> RS-2c:
> A user knows that some services are working and others are not. What are
> the possible root causes of the outage?
> E.g. I am receiving email but I can't browse the web. What's wrong?
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