PS-6: Inferred Query Expansion

A service recieves a query from a client in a form
and manner which conforms to the DAWG recommendation.

[for the sake of this use case, let us presume that the input
query is expressed in RDF]

The service employs a "literal" knowledge store that does not
provide any RDF functionality nor any support for inference,
term aliasing, or the like.

The service nevertheless has at its disposal an OWL reasoner
which it can employ for various tasks.

The service uses the OWL reasoner to infer a number of
variant queries which are semantically equivallent to
the original input query but syntactically distinct
(e.g. synonymous properties, equivalent URIs, implicit
  class membership, etc.).

The service resolves each variant query against the non-RDF
flat knowledge store, merging the results of all queries
prior to delivering its response to the client.


This use case is intended to demonstrate one of the benefits
of expressing queries in RDF.

Note that the client could also have submitted client-specific
knowledge with the query -- via a single input graph -- which
could have been employed by the OWL reasoner when expanding
the input query to its syntactic variants.


Patrick Stickler
Nokia, Finland

Received on Wednesday, 17 March 2004 09:08:50 UTC