I'm Kendall Grant Clark, a researcher at the University of Maryland in
Jim Hendler's Semantic Web lab. I'm also a columnist and editor for
O'Reilly, particularly and the web services site, where I've
written a lot about SemWeb, RDF, OWL, and the like.

Some of my relevant programming experience includes work with
colleagues at UMD on an implementation of Rete which may end up as
part of cwm. I'm a contributor to rdflib, designed and implemented
chiefly by my labmate Daniel Krech. I'm also working on an
implementation of Andy's RDF Net Note, which I intend to have working
by the Amsterdam f2f, using Python, rdflib, medusa, and Quixote.

Our group has a large and varied set of RDF access and query
requirements, and I anticipate having a set of use cases for
consideration soon.

I'm probably, despite my institutional position, the biggest advocate
on this WG of making the query part of our brief *as minimal as
possible*. I'm largely interested in the protocol issues, including
machine-readable extensibility and description of RDF
storage/access/query services. (Think: con-neg for the SemWeb.)

Kendall Clark
Sometimes it's appropriate, even patriotic, to be ashamed
of your country. -- James Howard Kunstler

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