Introduction: Janne Saarela / Profium

Hi all

First my personal career background:

- Profium, managing director, 1999->today
- W3C, visiting engineer, 1997-1999
- Eurecom institute, visiting scientist, 1998.
- Researcher, Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), 1995-1997
- Technical student, CERN, 1994-1995.
- Studying at HUT and working for software companies in
Finland 1991-1994.

I've received a doctoral degree from HUT with a dissertation
titled 'The role of metadata in electronic publishing' back in 1999.
This effectively reports some of the work I did while working
at W3C i.e. development of the 1st RDF Parser SiRPAC and the 1st
version of declarative query language Metalog in cooperation with 
Massimo Marchiori.

Profium flagship product Semantic Information Router (SIR) is
a semantic content management product that was introduced on
the marketplace back in April 2001 and has since been shipped
to 15+ countries. SIR implements RDF based content indexing
and exposes the data model for application developers via
a declarative query language RDFQL which has not been disclosed
in public.

Now that RDF Core WG has published the revised RDF specifications,
it is time to deliver an open query language on the marketplace
that will make use of RDF even easier for developers.

To this work Profium can contribute experience in implementing
declarative query languages for RDF that need to scale for
big amounts of data. In addition, Profium can provide real-life
use cases that real customers need from the query language we
are chartered to develop.

Looking forward to working with you all.

Janne Saarela <>
Profium, Lars Sonckin kaari 12, 02600 Espoo, Finland

Received on Wednesday, 10 March 2004 04:04:41 UTC