RE: XSRQL proposal

HowardK wrote:
>> 5/ Could you add collections to the types?  This seems quite
>> tricky to deal
>> with in any triple oriented RDF query language.
> I'm still confused about how collections work in RDF (ie, what are 
> of RDF/XML requirements and what exists at the triples level?), so I 
> know. It's time I figured that out however ...

Howard, collections in RDFCore are quite straightforward as you can
see in

:C owl:oneOf (:a :b).

is a shorthand for the triples

:C owl:oneOf _:L.
_:L rdf:type rdf:List.
_:L rdf:first :a.
_:L rdf:rest _:M.
_:M rdf:type rdf:List.
_:M rdf:first :b.
_:M rdf:rest rdf:nil.

Jos De Roo, AGFA

Received on Monday, 28 June 2004 20:11:49 UTC