Re: Use Case: Searching for educational learning materials

On Sat, Jun 19, 2004 at 11:28:38AM +0100, Steve Harris wrote:

> > SELECT ?x
> > FROM <graph>
> > WHERE 
> >       (foo, rdfs:label, ?x) and
> >       (?x, xml:lang, "jp")
> > 
> > That last bit isn't really in the graph (?), but I can't think of a
> > syntax for filter on literals.
> You could use the N3 syntax, seperating the literal from the datatype and
> language with ^^ and @, eg.
> 	(foo, rdfs:label, ?x@jp)

Hmm, that's an idea. 

What I'm wondering about first, though, is whether this feature -- one
of those, if you need it, you need it bad things -- can be understood
to be an implication or special case of 3.3 or 3.7. That would be nice
because it would mean not having to write another req or DO.

I think Yoshio mentioned something back in the early days of the WG
about being sensitive to i18n issues, which this feature request
does. (If anyone needs to hear a use case, I can provide one related
to task computing in multilingual environments.)


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