Re: toward an intial design... any more evaluations?


> So... I owe the WG a ftf agenda 2 weeks before our 14-15 Jul
> meeting, i.e. around 1 July. I'd like to have all the initial
> design candidates in that agenda. So if there's a design
> that you'd like the WG to consider that hasn't been evaluated,
> get it evalutated! (recall that we're looking for evaluations
> by someone _other_ than the designer).

What about TriQL[1], the query language by Chris Bizer and Jeremy Carroll ?

(I don't think we've already had the evaluation of it)

It's a query language for the named graphs, so maybe looks a little bit
exotic, but I see it promising.



Yoshio Fukushige

Received on Wednesday, 16 June 2004 06:20:18 UTC