Use Case: Searching for educational learning materials

Apologies that this has been so delayed.

Use Case:

A teacher wants to find some learning materials for his class.  He is
using a recommended website providing descriptions of learning
materials and does a search, chosing the general subject area,
student learning level and giving some keywords.  The results include
materials returned from multiple learning repositories, where the
subject and learning levels have been matched across multiple
educational metadata vocabularies.

  Design Object 4.2 Provenance

  Design Object 4.5 Aggregate Query

I think 4.2 probably should be a (candidate) requirement, not an
objective.  At least if it is replaced with something more specific
such as enabling the returning of the Source URI of the document that
contained the trible.

it probably motivates a new potential requirement:

  Free text searching of literals

  It should be possible to perform free text searches of RDF literals
  in the query.  Free text search at the minimum means allowing
  substring searches of literals or could include more powerful
  matches such as regexs or full-blown matches with stemming etc.


Received on Tuesday, 15 June 2004 06:43:11 UTC