Introduction - Tom Adams

Hi all,

I'm Tucana's second member on the DAWG, along with Simon Raboczi. 
Before moving to the US, I was a software engineer for four years at 
Tucana's Brisbane development centre and before that a lecturer in 
computing at Griffith University.

While still hacking code, in 2001 I helped Simon write the initial iTQL 
query language specification and interpreter, several vertical apps 
based on our server and some of the backend code for our metadata 
extraction framework. I'm currently the web guy for the Kowari Project, 
and by day in a technical support role for our US-based sales team. For 
those who care, I've an Honours degree in Software Engineering and a 
Bachelors degree in Mathematics.

I believe Tucana's experience with industrialising semantic web 
technologies will be a valuable asset to the working group's 

Tom Adams           | Tucana Technologies, Inc.
Support Engineer    |   Office: +1 703 871 5313  |     Cell: +1 571 594 0847

Received on Friday, 11 June 2004 21:04:43 UTC