Minutes of RDF DAWG telcon 2004-06-01 for review

Minutes of RDF DAWG telcon 2004-06-01 for review

RDF Data Access WG telcon
2004-06-01 14:30 UTC


IRC log

1. convene, take roll, review record, agenda

Present: Dave Beckett, Kendall Clark, Dan Connolly, Jos De Roo,
Steve Harris, Howard Katz, Farrukh Najmi, Eric Prud'hommeaux,
Simon Raboczi, Alberto Reggiori, Janne Saarela, Andy Seaborne,
Rob Shearer, Bryan Thompson, Kevin Wilkinson

Minutes of RDF DAWG telcon 2004-05-25 for review
From: Howard Katz <howardk@fatdog.com> 
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 14:37:48 -0700
ACCEPTED as a true record

Next meeting: 2004-06-8 14:30 UTC
Scribe: Jos De Roo

Late additions to agenda:
- Review requirements, evaluating designs for Joseki, SeRQL, RDQL 
  (ACTIONS BryanT, AndyS, EricP, respectively)
- Review test materials (ACTION SteveH)
- Publication of Use Cases and Requirements (UC&R) document (ACTION
- Review of pending requirements
- Status of July F2F

2. Status of July F2F

BryanT requested URI for July F2F (agenda, location, lodging).
DanC expects July F2F to consume two full days, July 14-15, San Diego,
ACTION: EricP to set up registration for F2F
ACTION: RobS to set up hosting page for F2F

DanC suggests F2F meeting goal to be to select a design(s) (e.g., SeRQL,
Joseki, etc.) that meets the DAWG requirements

3. Review requirements, evaluating designs for Joseki, SeRQL, RDQL
ACTION: BryanT to evaluate Joseki

Some confusion about meaning of 4.4
ACTION: KendellC to elaborate on 4.4 in UC&R

General agreement that 3.4 doesn't cover queries with disjunctions.
ACTION: RobS will email to the group a proposed change to cover this.

Some disagreement that Joseki supports requirements 3.1, 3.2, 3.5 which
to the query language. AndyS says Joseki is an access protocol on top of
and can support arbitrary query languages (specified as a parameter in
the HTTP
request). So, 3.1, 3.2 don't apply.

Much discussion about intended meaning of 3.5 (i.e., should it apply to
the query
protocol rather than the query language).
ACTION: BryanT to draft possible new requirement on independence of
and query language.

ACTION: SteveH to write his experiences on bandwidth efficiency for
querying and
email to group.

ACTION: AndyS to evaluate SeRQL
ACTION: AndyS to revise SeRQL and resend

ACTION: EricP continues

4. Review test materials (ACTION SteveH)

Testcase queries temporarily available at:
ACTION: SteveH continues

5. Publication of Use Cases and Requirements (UC&R) document (ACTION

DanC noted that Tim Berners-Lee is off the critical path for publication
of UC&R.
Publication is expected soon.
ACTION: EricP continues

6. Review of pending requirements

Adjourn 15:52 UTC

Next meeting 2004-06-01 14:30 UTC

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