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Re: uc&r 1.72

From: Kevin Wilkinson <wilkinson@hpl.hp.com>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 17:45:22 -0700
Message-ID: <40A416A2.65E7A1B7@hpl.hp.com>
To: kendall@monkeyfist.com
Cc: public-rdf-dawg@w3.org

   thanks for all the work on uc&r. great job.
attached are some minor comments (apologies if
i'm repeating points already discussed).



Section 1 (Intro)
   i'm a little bothered that terms like triple
pattern, graph, query, query result, etc. are
used without being defined. similarly, the
RDF graph notation in Fig 1 is not explained.
it might be helpful to readers to refer to
other documents that (somewhat) define the
terms and the notation, e.g., RDF Query and
Rules Framework (i know this is referenced
in sec 5 but it may be better to also reference
it here). i don't know of a reference for the
graph notation (maybe not needed?).

Section 2 (Use Cases)

"Each use case describes a concrete application of a
future technology recommendation" INSERT *or design
objective*   since the "Motivates:" clause lists
both requirements and objectives.

2.2 (Finding Information about Motorcycle Parts ...)
i suggest a caption for the RDF fragment, e.g.,
   Figure 2. Endeavour Parts Database

2.3 (Finding Unknown Media Objects)
i suggest a caption for the RDF fragment, e.g.,
   Figure 3. One of the Media Conglomerate Knowledge Bases

also, in the last sentence of this section, the prefixes
"media", "doi" and "mods" are undefined. they could be
added to Figure 3.

for the Motivates clause, maybe add Aggregate Query (4.5)
and Provenance (4.2)?

2.4 (Monitoring News Events)

in the Motivates clause, "Result Limits" is listed but
the text of the use case doesn't really mention this

2.5 (Avoiding Traffic Jams)

possible typos: Niel->Neil, Internet (capitalize?)

2.7 (Exploring the Neighborhood)

possible typos: occuring->occurring, TIGER (it's
all upper case the first time and just an initial
upper the second time).

in the Motivates clause, Extensible Value Testing is
listed. i take this to refer to XSLT. but, this is
really data transformation, not testing. maybe i
don't understand 3.3 correctly.

2.8 (Sharing Vacation Photos ...)

typos: "IRC bot" vs. "IRC robot" (use one or the other)

this section ends abruptly. i assume it needs more work.

3.1 (RDF Graph Pattern Matching)

this section mentions "triple patterns" but this term
is not defined (same as my for Section 1).

3.3 (Extensible Value Testing)

it's unclear to me if the requirement is extensibility
only for testing values. or is extensiblity also required
to compute new values (regardless if the value is tested)?
i assume the latter but the heading implies otherwise.

3.8 (Bookmarkable Queries)

i have a slight problem with the phrase "dereferencing
the resource identified by this URI". it sounds a bit
like dereferencing a URI. maybe add a clause that you
don't care how the resource is dereferenced, i.e., it
may be a URL but may not be.

3.9 (Bandwidth-efficient Protocol)

typo: excess->excessive

3.10 Result Limits vs. 3.10a Iterative Query

obviously, these are related but are very different requirements.
i suggest making 3.10a its own requirement. if not, maybe
use a common title for the requirements (make both "Result Limits")
since you really want, i think, references in the use cases
to 3.10 to also refer to 3.10a.


Kendall Clark wrote:
> Peeps,
> UC&R 1.72 is the latest draft:
> * incorporates most of Howard-the-K's helpful suggestions
> * some tweaks of CSS and squashing a few HTML bugs
> * including Andy's N3 Pretty version of my RDF-XML for 2.2
> Best,
> Kendall Clark
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