Re: Potential Requirement: Predicate support with boolean operato rs

Thompson, Bryan B. wrote:

>Or do you mean like Prolog predicates with and/or/not operators?
I am not familiar with Prolog but I suspect the answer is Yes. An example
of what I am talking about is predicates in SQL-92 with and/or/not 

The requirement I see is the ability to restrict the results of the 
query by multiple predicates.
The more predicates one specifies, the more specific is the query and 
the more restricted is
the result.

Looking at XQuery Requirements:

the closest requirement I find is 3.4.5:

3.4.5 Combination

    The XML Query Language MUST
    <> be able
    to combine related information from different parts of a given
    document or from multiple documents.

Looking at DAWG requirements I am not sure I see anything like it. It is 
possible that "3.1 Multi-edged Paths" was intended
to cover support for multiple predicates.


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