RE: Reqirement 3.5: subgraph results

> Neither do I...
> I would simply ask the following RDF/N3 kind of query
> (<graph>).da:from da:select {?N1 <p1> ?N2}, {?N1 <p2> ?N2}.
> and when getting a nonempty graph the answer is "true"
> as simple as that!

What's your original graph and what's your subgraph, Jos?

I'm offering a graph with two nodes and no edges, plus the fact that an
edge of type either p1 or p2 must exist between the two encoded in some
higher-level semantic language.

I can only see four possible subgraphs of the original graph: one node,
the other node, both nodes, or neither node. None of these options
explicates the answer.

Received on Tuesday, 4 May 2004 17:08:11 UTC