F2F hosting offer

We could host a F2F at IHMC at any of the dates.  Scheduling the 
June/July would be tighter than the later ones, and summer here is 95 
Fahrenheit and 100% humidity. Winter is like an English spring.  I'd 
recommend later in the year.

The regional airport is Pensacola  PNS, about 7 minutes drive from 
IHMC, but we are also about an hour by road from Fort Walton Beach 
VPS and could schedule a van if there are a number of folk who prefer 
to use that airport (which has some direct flights to northern 

Nearest international/hub is Atlanta ATL , one hour flight from here, 
but we also have westbound connections through Houston IAH  and 
Dallas DFW, and folk with kids can fly here from Orlando MCO.  For 
some reason, it takes 2 hops to get here from Miami.

We can offer Southern hospitality, miles of world-class beach on the 
Gulf a few miles away, nearby hotels and guesthouses and a variety of 
excellent eating; and at IHMC most any kind of equipment, bandwidth, 
teleconferencing and an endless supply of coffee.  An alternative 
would be to book a hotel on the beach, which would cost a little 
more.  They have good conference facilities and IHMC can set up a 

IHMC	(850)434 8903 or (650)494 3973   home
40 South Alcaniz St.	(850)202 4416   office
Pensacola			(850)202 4440   fax
FL 32501			(850)291 0667    cell
phayes@ihmc.us       http://www.ihmc.us/users/phayes

Received on Friday, 16 April 2004 16:19:59 UTC