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The mapping's actually in the other direction -- SQL to XQuery -- but I know
what you mean. ;-) The basic idea is to be able to map SQL's tabular
structure into XML, so that XQuery can then see it as an instance of the
data model it needs to operate on.

For online references, once again Don Chamberlin comes to the rescue. See
page 83 of this excerpt of his chapter, "Influences on the design of XQuery"
from the "Experts" Book:


The section is titled "The need for an XML query language" and looks
specifically at the differences between XML and SQL. If you have the time,
read the whole chapter. It's *excellent* -- I can't praise it enough -- and
well worth the price of admission for the whole book. This is the main
reference I'd been trying to find for Dan's reading list. Google and my
creative wits had failed me until this morning, when I stumbled on it while
looking for something else.

While they're unfortunately not available online, there are two other
chapters in the Experts book that are directly relevant to your question:
Denise Draper's "Mapping between XML and relational data" and Michael Rys'
"Integrating XQuery and relational database systems. Together they contain
more detail on the subject than you'd probably ever want to know.

If you're not averse to reading articles in the popular trade press,
Jonathan Robie gives a succinct summary of the distinction between the two
approaches of XQuery and SQL/XML for accessing relational data at :

Finally, Ron Bourret gives a comprehensive overview of SQL <-> XML mapping
issues in general at:

If I come across any other useful references, I'll post them here.


> Yes - that was me.  I am interested in the mapping of Xquery to SQL (i.e.
> the  data is in an SQL database) as it might inform us about RDF query =>
> SQL.  There again, it might not.
> 	Andy
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> > Date: 15 April 2004 17:32
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> > Here's the additional reference on XQuery for those who like lots of
> > code
> > snippets when exploring new languages:
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> >
> >
> > This is Jonathan's Robie's Chapter One tutorial introduction to XQuery
> > from "XQuery from the Experts". It's lengthy (78 pages I think) but
> > highly
> > readable.
> >
> > Who was it that requested pointers on XQuery and SQL? Was that you,
> > Andy?
> > Sorry, I didn't jot down what your specific interest was. If you can
> > let me
> > know, I can point you in the appropriate direction.
> >
> > Howard

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