Introduction Yoshio Fukushige / Matsushita Electric Industrial

Dear all,

My name is Yoshio Fukushige, a new member of the RDFDAWG.
Per tradition, let me introduce myself.

I work for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.[1], which might be best
known to you for its Panasonic brand name.
The Matsushita group is a most comprehensive worldwide electric and
electronic product manufacturer
whose products range from electronic components to consumer electronic
home appliances, factory automation equipment, information and
communications equipment,
and housing-related products.
I am a researcher engineer in Matsushita and belong to the Network Systems
Development Center, which is based in Tokyo, Japan.

My main research area is Natural Language Processing(NLP), and I am an
ex-member of the EDR[2] project,
a national project of Japan to build a large-scale electronic dictionaries
for NLP applications, such as machine translation.
Other than the EDR activity, I've been developing technologies for document
retrieval systems.
I am interested in stochastic/probabilistic knowledge representation and
knowledge processing these couple of years,
especially in inference using Bayesian Networks. I also have been interested
in employing the fruits of linguistics
into language processing, especially those come from the Generative Grammar,
or the Principle and Parameters approach
to say it more precisely. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering from the
University of Tokyo.

To that extent, I hope to consider the extensibility mechanism,  from the
linguistic and AI point of view,
for the future treatment of rule/logic/trust issues and graph aggregation.

While having the mindset above, as a member from Matsushita,
I also expect this WG to provide (at least) a simple (version of) data
access protocol that could be processed on
home appliances that has limited computational resources.
I hope to provide home appliances the ability to help users with an easy and
rich access to the services and information
on the internet (semantic web) and the ability to best fit themselves to the
user's environment in an autonomous way
(a kind of ubiquitous computing).

At the end of my self-introduction, I'd like to tell you my relationship
with W3C.
I've been a W3C fellow[3] from Matsushita since Feb. 2004, belonging to the
Technical and Society domain,
but my participation to this WG is from Matsushita and NOT from the W3C
So I prefer  as my email address here,
instead of

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon at the face-to-face meeting.

Best regards,
Yoshio Fukushige

[2] (now maintenanced by CRL

Received on Friday, 16 April 2004 08:58:35 UTC