Introduction: Steve Harris, University of Southampton

I'm Steve Harris, a researcher in the IAM research group [1] of the University
of Southampton in the UK. I'm currently working for the Advanced Knowledge
Technologies [2] consortium. I've been working on Hypertext and Digital
Libraries systems since 1996, and Semantic Web systems for the last few

I've developed several RDF-based systems, including:

        3store [3]. A database backed RDF(S) store, written in C, supporting
        (a dialect of) RDQL and OKBC over HTTP query interfaces. Designed
        for performance and scalability.

        CS AKTive Space [5]. A query client, written in JavaScript that makes
        extensive use of RDQL queries.

        Unnamed RDF(S) in-memory store [4]. Written in Java, uses
        publish/subscribe, agent-flavoured query model.

I suspect that the first two are most relevant to the discussions here.

I've been following this working group via the web as far as possible, so I'm
reasonably familiar with the topics that have been discussed. My main areas of
interest are efficiency and scalability.


- Steve

Stephen Harris                    07970 557047
AKT, IAM Research Group          023 8059 8347
University of Southampton, UK           

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