Re: taxonomy for use case requirements

Eric wrote:
> During the last telecon, I suggested that we use terms from RDF Query
> and Rules Framework [1] to describe the requirements for each use
> case. The requirements could be layed out similarly to the language
> characteristics in the RDF Query Survey [2].
> I don't expect the framework to be complete, but I do expected that it
> will serve as a good starting point. We can argue about terms like
> disjunction in the abstract, or we can have them layed out in a
> document describing and constrasting them. Hopefully this can save us
> a little bit of tedium.

Concerning "disjunction" I tried a similar test case

:Xavier :worksAt :night.
:Xavier :worksIn :systemMaintenance.

and asking
{_:Y :worksIn :processControl} :or
{_:Y :worksIn :systemMaintenance; :worksAt :night}.

we got a direct answer
{:Xavier :worksIn :processControl} :or
{:Xavier :worksIn :systemMaintenance. :Xavier :worksAt :night}. 

and we just assume implications such as
?P => {?P :or ?Q}.
?Q => {?P :or ?Q}.
(but had to fix some "variable" issues
in the euler running code...)

Of course, posing 2 questions and merging
their answer graphs should also work.

> [1]
> [2]

very interesting

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