> 1) Do the 'subdocuments' (each RDF block) have to be semantically
> consistent? 

Why should they be? It is already possible to make a single document that
is inconsistent (under some inference rules and theory of what it means to
be consistent such as not implying unsatisfiable statements).

> 2) Can blank node identifiers be shared across RDF blocks and syntaxes?

Personally, where I use blank nodes, I like to use the Turtle [] syntax sugar
so I don’t tend to explicitly give them names at all, but YMMV… I’d say if you
need to refer to something across documents (embedded in the same
container or not) then give it a URI.

But there is a variant of this question where the answer is not so obvious. What
is the expected behaviour when the *same* graph (that contains pesky blank
nodes) is repeated in different syntaxes in the same document?

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