Re: Fixing error in Turtle and Trig grammars

I've tested my Turtle Parser and it already parses the test cases given

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Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 3:42 PM
Subject: Fixing error in Turtle and Trig grammars

The RDF Working Group recently discovered an error in the grammars for
Turtle and TriG. They were intened to align with SPARQL, but a pair of
parentheses was accidentally dropped from the definition for long
strings resulting in an over-constraint on what's permitted after
embedded quotes. An example of the error is shown by the text

   """ ""\" """

which is allowed by the SPARQL grammar, but was accidentally
disallowed by the grammars for Turtle and TriG in their specifications.
After considering this matter, the acting W3C Director has asked us to
make sure implementors agree this is an error and will in the coming
weeks make sure their implementations parse the intended language,
aligned with SPARQL.

Please let us know by 18 Feb if you intend to implement the following
grammar and parse the syntax tests below:

[24] STRING_LITERAL_LONG_SINGLE_QUOTE ::= "'''" (("'" | "''")? [^'\] | ECHAR 
| UCHAR)* "'''"
[25] STRING_LITERAL_LONG_QUOTE          ::= '"""' (('"' | '""')? [^"\] | 
ECHAR | UCHAR)* '"""'
[24] STRING_LITERAL_LONG_SINGLE_QUOTE ::= "'''" (("'" | "''")? ([^'\] | 
ECHAR | UCHAR))* "'''"
[25] STRING_LITERAL_LONG_QUOTE          ::= '"""' (('"' | '""')? ([^"\] | 
ECHAR | UCHAR))* '"""'

and parse these (one-line) turtle documents (with some arbitrary base URI):

<s> <p> ''' ''\' ''' .

<s> <p> """ ""\" """ .

<s> <p> """ ""\u0061 """ .

<s> <p> """""\"""" .

<s> <p> """""\u0061""" .

Many thanks for your help and continued support of RDF 1.1.

-ericP, on behalf of the RDF Working Group

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