Official response to RDF-ISSUE-124 (order-of-parameters) by Boris Zbarsky


This is an official RDF WG response to your comment about the order of
parameters in the JSON-LD API specification. We have been tracking your
issue here:

You had mentioned that you didn't agree with the use of node.js style
parameter order for an API that was intended for a browser environment.
We had a very thorough discussion about your comment here:

and then here:

In the end, the Working Group agreed that we should do something that is
aligned with where the browser platform is headed, which is Futures. The
switch to a Future-based JSON-LD API eliminated the callback parameter
that you had commented on:

Thus, we believe that we have properly addressed your concern in a way
that should be satisfactory to you. Could you please let us know if you
are happy with the resolution as soon as possible so that we may mark
this issue as resolved.

-- manu

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Received on Wednesday, 8 May 2013 21:55:36 UTC