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Re: rdf:Statement and graphs

From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Date: Fri, 03 May 2013 19:35:16 -0400
Message-ID: <518449B4.9050906@openlinksw.com>
To: public-rdf-comments@w3.org
On 5/3/13 7:07 AM, Jürgen Jakobitsch SWC wrote:
> hi,
> is there a way to express that a rdf:Statement belongs to a certain
> graph?
> i'm asking with respect to changesSets [1] where i want to add the given
> statement to one or more specified graphs.
> if there's no best practice, issue or the like i would subclass
> rdf:Statement if there's nothing i'm missing out..
> wkr jürgen
> [1] http://docs.api.talis.com/getting-started/changesets

Personally, I see a containment oriented relation as an acceptable 
mechanism for  expressing how a statement and a named graph are 
associated. I suspect, historically, folks have stayed away from 
expressing this important association due to the amount of triples it 

:contains <#SomeStamentIRI> .

a rdf:Statement;
rdf:subject <#SomeStatementSubjectIRI>;
rdf:predicate <#SomeStatementPredicateIRI>;
rdf:object <#SomeStatementObjectIRI>.

Statement reification is useful.  We are now getting to the point where 
real-world issues are bringing its utility to the fore  :-)



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