RE: Official response to RDF-ISSUE-132: JSON-LD/RDF Alignment -- Sub-issue on the re-definition of Linked Data

On Monday, June 10, 2013 2:15 AM, David Booth wrote:
> On 06/09/2013 07:16 PM, Markus Lanthaler wrote:
> > I think adding a reference as
> > you suggest is very reasonable and makes it clear that we are just
> > quickly describing the concept here.
> >
> > So, would you be satisfied if we would add the reference but not
> > remove the description?
> Not unless RDF is added to the description.  The problem is that it
> reads as a definition.  This is specifically why I proposed deleting
> the
> portions of the description that say *how* Linked Data works, leaving
> only the portions that describe its purpose and effect: to ensure that
> it does not sound like a definition.

"Linked Data [LINKED-DATA] is a technique for creating a network of inter-connected data across different documents and Web sites. In general, Linked Data has four properties: ..." I can't see how a reader could be confused by this. But anyway.

Unfortunately it looks like we can't agree on a compromise. I think I made my arguments clear and don't have more to say at this point. I'll let others weigh in on this discussion.


Markus Lanthaler

Received on Monday, 10 June 2013 09:44:03 UTC