Re: Official response to RDF-ISSUE-132: JSON-LD/RDF Alignment

On 06/08/2013 02:30 PM, Markus Lanthaler wrote:
> On Saturday, June 08, 2013 5:13 PM, Sven R. Kunze wrote:
[ . . . ]
>> Would adding your CLEAR statement ("JSON-LD is a concrete syntax of
>> RDF.") to the part "relationship" or even in the intro as the first
>> line as e.g. turtle does do any harm?
> You didn't read the intro, but already there we say
>     Developers that require any of the facilities listed above or
>     need to serialize an RDF graph or dataset [RDF11-CONCEPTS] in
>     a JSON-based syntax will find JSON-LD of interest.
> IMHO that's crystal clear.

But clarity needs to be assessed in the eyes of the *readers* -- not the 
authors.  Obviously it is *not* clear to readers, as you've heard 
substantially similar comments on this point from both Sven and from me. 
  Telling readers that they "will find JSON-LD of interest" is nowhere 
near as clear as explicitly saying that "JSON-LD is a concrete syntax of 
RDF" or "JSON-LD is a serialization format for RDF".


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