ANN: XSPARQL v0.5 release

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Hi all!

We are happy to announce version 0.5 of the open source release of our XSPARQL implementation!

XSPARQL [1] allows to write queries to transform data between XML and RDF in an intuitive manner, combining SPARQL and XQuery in a common language. 

This new version also allows also to query data stored in relational databases, providing a unified language to integrate data given as XML, RDF, or RDB.  XSPARQL is also an RDB2RDF processor [2], allowing to use your R2RML mappings. 

Some of the main improvements include:

* XSPARQL now allows also to query data stored in relational databases;
* new API providing a usable Java XSPARQL library;
* querying JSON is supported via an internal mapping to XML;
* Java artifacts as well as Javadocs are available from the Maven central repository, making usage of the XSPARQL library from Maven projects much easier.

The new implementation together with documentation is available on the Sourceforge project page [3], install instructions, a web demo and some example queries can be found on the XSPARQL homepage.

We appreciate your feedback/comments/questions to be sent to our mailing list [4].

on behalf of the XSPARQL team
Nuno Lopes


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