Re: Issue 10 -- Hash vs. Slash

I believe the issue is the following:

1) hash - http://foo.example/DB/People/ID=7#_


2) slash - http://foo.example/DB/People/ID=7

For option 1) you would actually have to retrieve the whole graph while for
option 2) you would do a 303 ( a la linked data) and just get the particular
triples needed.

Eric, is this right?

Ashok, do you mean that it doesn't really matter? Are you saying that when
that URI is dereferenced, let it be hash or slash, that it would always get
translated into a SQL query and just get the triples that are needed?

The issue that I see with this URI is the following... consider the prefix

PREFIX ex: <http://foo.example/DB/People/ID=>

for slash you would have


for hash it would be


For ex:7, that works, right? But ex:7#_ is not allowed. If this is true, I
would rather have the slash uri.


Juan Sequeda

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 6:05 PM, ashok malhotra

> I'm trying to understand the issue.
> Are we discussing how to identify the RDF node that corresponds to a row in
> a table
> with a primary key?  If so, we should create a URI that, when dereferenced,
> performs a
> SQL query and gets the row.  A bit of JavaScript on the client or server
> can turn the
> row into an RDF node with properties.   Not sure why we need the 303
> Is this the right question?
> --
> All the best, Ashok

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