Re: ISSUE-19 (Reuse SQL query as sub-query): Reuse a SQL query as a sub-query [R2RML]

> Just one question, though. The domain of SQLQuery is, from the R2RML/RDF
> point of view a string. Ie, anything can go there that can be managed by an
> SQL engine, I am not sure there is any restriction. At first glance that
> means that you can put both queries there sequentially, and the rest is in
> the hands of the SQL machinery. I guess what is missing is to specify
> _which_ resulting table is the one that the rest of R2RML 'sees'. Is that
> correct?

I believe the SQLQuery string is restricted to being a SQL query that
adheres to Core SQL 2008. As far as combining queries into a single SQL
string, to me that implies joining them together in a larger SQL query.
While this is possible, it does not address the point of the issue which was
to avoid the copy-paste duplication of sub-queries.


Received on Wednesday, 2 February 2011 14:08:49 UTC