Re: Keeping R2RML free of Direct Mapping dependency (ISSUE-25)

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> > > If the user wants a hybrid of these two models then they can generate
> the Direct Mapping for an RDB and then replace parts of it with a
> hand-crafted R2RML mapping.
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> > I am not sure I understand that one. You mean generate an R2RML that
> would correspond to a Direct Mapping?
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> > What I mean is to use a Direct Mapping tool to produce an R2RML mapping
> file for an RDB.
> Yes, that is what I meant. An R2RML representation of the DM results for
> that particular RDB.
> If we go down that route, it would be worthwhile having an appendix in
> either the r2rml or the dm document that gives a precise mapping of the dm
> to r2rml. This should not be left to implementers to be figured out
> separately.

Agreed. I was thinking the Direct Mapping was expressed in terms of R2RML,
but I see now that is not the case.


Received on Tuesday, 26 April 2011 14:53:49 UTC