new R2RML version with significant changes: please review

With Seema's help, I have made some significant changes that IMO makes 
the concepts in the document much more intuitive.

$Log: Overview.html,v $
Revision 1.30  2010/11/04 20:51:41  sdas2
now uses SubjectMap, PredicateMap, ObjectMap, PredicateObjectMap, etc . (instead of TermMap, etc.)

This is a major rewrite targeted towards making the document far easier 
to read and concepts much clearer.

Please take a look when you get a chance. We can discuss over emails 
and/or during next telecon.

If we agree, modulo minor revisions and corrections, I'd like to target 
a quick release of this as a second R2RML Public Working Draft. That 
will help the readers.

- Souri.

Received on Thursday, 4 November 2010 21:05:21 UTC