Re: Default Mapping and tomorrow's telcon

* ashok malhotra <> [2010-11-03 09:37-0700]
> On 11/2/2010 5:43 AM, Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
> >I think we're making progress on that. Juan, Marcelo and I are working
> >out our editorial predilections on a pair of documents with identical
> >structure. On the 9th, the WG can look at the two and cherry pick the
> >pieces they like.
> /I am concerned with the *pair of documents" bit.  Could you guys create a single document?
> I am not keen to make the WG pick between documents.

Juan and Marcelo are are still working on a proposal, and it's
possible that at the end I will be convinced that these changes
improve the readability or clarify important points. It's also
possible that they will work through that they think needs to be
expressed and see it present in
In either of these cases, yes, otherwise, we will have to get there
via some consensus process, with folks making specific assertions like
"alt/ ยง 2.1 doesn't handle bnodes" in order to discriminate which
recipe is more accurate or more readable.

> Ashok
> /


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