Re: Detailed comments on new default mapping draft

Hi Marcelo,

On 3 Nov 2010, at 12:53, Marcelo Arenas wrote:
>>>> The verbose textual rendering of the schema is unnecessary and  
>>>> should be
>>>> removed.
> This is a matter of taste. I personally dislike examples without a
> text explanation (I tend to think that they were not carefully
> written). But I have to recognize that the example in the document is
> quite simple, so we could have a shorter text about the example (not
> mentioning, for example, the columns of the tables). Would that be OK
> with you?

Yes. Some text like “The following example from a company's HR  
database introduces three tables ...” is good.

>> Well but 2.3.1 is not just about generating stuff from PKs! It also  
>> deals
>> with all the columns that are not involved in any key. That's my  
>> complaint
>> -- from the title you wouldn't be able to guess that this is the  
>> section
>> that handles the translation of normal columns to literals.
> Now I understand your point. What about the title "The first step of
> the translation process: Generating literal triples"?

Very good.


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