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Thanks, I'll send something out late on Monday.

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Subject: Agenda for July 27 Telcon

AGENDA W3C RDB2RDF Working Group Teleconference 2010-07-27 
Tuesday, 27 July *16:00-17:00 UTC* Local time:
 Bridge US: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim) Conference code : 7322733# (spells 
Duration : 60 minutes
IRC channel : #RDB2RDF on W3C IRC Web Client :
Zakim information :
Zakim bridge monitor :
Zakim IRC bot : 
Chair: Ashok

Scribe: Zakim, pick a victim
1. Admin PROPOSAL: Accept the minutes of last meeting, see

2. Presentation by Alex Miller
- Our main Knoodl site that hosts the mapping language (ontology, examples, etc) 
is here:
- And you can find the spec here:

Alex, please send presentation material to the mailing list

3. R2RML Semantics: Continue semantics discussion (Eric, Juan, Marcelo), Datalog 
core, etc.
Mail from Richard Cyganiak:

4. AOB
-- All the best, Ashok

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