RDB2RDF semantics

Hi all,

As I mentioned in today's telco, from my POV we should (in order to 
define the semantics of the mapping language) focus on the translation 
from SPARQL algebra to relational algebra - both are relatively well 
defined fragments of FOL. I prepared a first, still very rudimentary 
draft of what I mean here (particularly Section 2, Section 1 just 
describes the SPARQL algebra and evaluation):


The idea is to define a RDB2RDF mapping and then express the SPARQL 
query evaluation using relational algebra. This way we can actually 
standardize the semantics of an RDB2RDF mapping (without having to deal 
with the variations of RDB query syntaxes i.e. SQL).
I somehow have the impression that introducing another formalism (i.e. 
datalog) unnecessarily complicates the problem further.



Received on Tuesday, 20 July 2010 17:05:02 UTC