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Due to these deficiencies, we have created our own mapping language. It
shares some of the ideas present in D2RQ, however it departs significantly
from D2RQ in the details. One major difference is that the Revelytix mapping
language depends on importing the database schema and building a source
ontology that represents the tables, columns, keys etc from that source. The
mapping ontology then references that source ontology.

One major benefit of this strategy is that many of the ontology references
to columns and keys are done by pointing to a resource in the database
ontology rather than indicating that reference in text. This reduces the
chance of errors in the mapping, makes the mapping process easier in an
editor, and most importantly, exposes actual linkages from database to
domain. We can then write SPARQL queries against the mapping ontology that
provide answers about data lineage.

Maybe we should invite them to give a presentation?

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