Eric's RIF simple mapping

Hi all

I'm going over Eric's RIF simple mapping doc [1] and have the following

The way I understand this is that the simple mapping is a 1:1 mapping
between an RDF graph with some type of predicates (
http://foo.example/DB/People#fname, etc..) which I assume came out of a RDB
and a domain ontology (FOAF, vcard, etc)

Essentially the subject and object URI's are the same and the predicates are
the ones mapped

db_pers:name = vcard:fn


The next example are rules to transform URI structures.

However, I do not see a mapping from RDB to RDF here. Can you please

I'm planning to present on Tuesday the equivalent of the two mapping
languages that Marcelo and I presented in SQL and RIF.


Juan Sequeda

Received on Friday, 16 July 2010 18:19:19 UTC