Michael Hausenblas wrote:
> Though I see your point, DDL is the most general form of what we are talking
> about, here, covering data model elements

I actually think DDL is not a very general form, but rather a very 
specific language for creating and manipulating relational schema objects.

> (for sure DROP, ALTER is not in
> scope, but this is a no-brainer, I guess ;)

Ok, but DDLs consist *only* of such statements, cf. e.g.:

> I'm fine with DDL and think we have used it in the discussion throughout as
> such ...

We can use the term DDL if everybody in the group got used to it, but 
from a conceptual point of view I think this is wrong and in order to 
avoid confusion with the outside world we should rather talk about /data 
model elements/ or /schema objects/.


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