Actions from yesterday's telecon (issue re SQL/SPARQL and liaisons Wiki page)


This is to report on the execution of my two actions from yesterday's
meeting [1]:

> [NEW] ACTION: mhausenb to create an issue regarding SQL/SPARQL of our WG
> [recorded in]

The respective issue has been created: ISSUE-3 (see [2])

FYI: whenever you refer to this issue via mail, please include the string
'ISSUE-3' somewhere in your post (like: 'regarding ISSUE-3' or whatever) so
that our RDB2RDF WG Tracker can automatically index and link your
contribution to the issue at [2].

> [NEW] ACTION: mhausenb to create Wiki page for liaisons with OWL, RIF, etc.
> [recorded in]

The Wiki page has been created [3] - please review the list and add missing
groups/activities, if any. In case you're interested to take over the
responsibility of a certain area, please reply to this mail, we shall
discuss and agree on assignments during one of the upcoming telcos. For now,
I've just provided some initial proposals for liaison responsibilities.



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