Re: Validator error

On 11/16/2010 10:23 AM, Barry McCall wrote:
> We would like to utilize the validator for our internal sites (break/fix environment, QA, intranet sites).
> These sites are not accessible from outside our firewalls and require SSL.
> If you could point me in the right direction/configuration steps that would be awesome.
> You're help is greatly appreciated.


I've come up with the configuration you need in order to validate your 
internal websites, attached to this email for simplicity.

For now there are some limitations that come with this configuration. It 
only registers the markup validator and the css validator. The other 
validators (feed validator and mobileOk) will come at some point too, 
but there's a bit of work on our end to be done before. You don't have 
to install any other validator apart from Unicorn unless you have an 
issue with your data being posted to our servers.

What you have to do is start by updating your version of Unicorn with 
"hg pull && hg update". Then clean your last build and remake the war 
without including the configuration, ie "ant clean war". Uncompress the 
attached archive in /etc/unicorn/ (if you use another directory you'll 
have to edit some of the files accordingly). Add /etc/unicorn/ to 
tomcat's classpath (for instance you can edit and 
add it to the shared.loader property). That's it. If you have an issue 
check the logs.

For information, what I did is remove the URI method from all the 
contracts: as your internal websites are not accessible from outside 
Unicorn shouldn't provide a uri to the validators. I also edited the 
tasklist to remove references to other validators and the file to load the local modified contracts.


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