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[Fwd: How to run the unicorn in command line]

From: Vivien Lacourba <vivien@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 10:13:17 +0200
To: Ranjith <ranjith.k@sedin.co.in>
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From: Ranjith <ranjith.k@sedin.co.in>
To: ercim-system@w3.org
Subject: How to run the unicorn in command line
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 10:00:09 +0200

Hi,     I have thought of running the unicorn on console mode so I used
netbeans to build the jar for unicorn the build process is successful
but it ends with two warnings, 

init: deps-clean: Deleting
directory /home/ranjith/NetBeansProjects/unicorn/build clean: init:
deps-jar: Created
dir: /home/ranjith/NetBeansProjects/unicorn/build/classes Created
dir: /home/ranjith/NetBeansProjects/unicorn/build/empty Compiling 99
source files
to /home/ranjith/NetBeansProjects/unicorn/build/classes /home/ranjith/unicorn/unicorn/src/org/w3c/unicorn/contract/WADLUnmarshallerXPath.java:34: warning: com.sun.org.apache.xpath.internal.jaxp.XPathFactoryImpl is Sun proprietary API and may be removed in a future release import com.sun.org.apache.xpath.internal.jaxp.XPathFactoryImpl; /home/ranjith/unicorn/unicorn/src/org/w3c/unicorn/contract/WADLUnmarshallerXPath.java:145: warning: com.sun.org.apache.xpath.internal.jaxp.XPathFactoryImpl is Sun proprietary API and may be removed in a future release                 this.aXPath = new XPathFactoryImpl().newXPath();                                   ^ Note: /home/ranjith/unicorn/unicorn/src/org/w3c/unicorn/util/UCNProperties.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. 2 warnings Copied 14 empty directories to 12 empty directories under /home/ranjith/NetBeansProjects/unicorn/build/classes compile: Created dir: /home/ranjith/NetBeansProjects/unicorn/dist Building jar: /home/ranjith/NetBeansProjects/unicorn/dist/unicorn.jar Copy libraries to /home/ranjith/NetBeansProjects/unicorn/dist/lib. To run this application from the command line without Ant, try: java -jar "/home/ranjith/NetBeansProjects/unicorn/dist/unicorn.jar" jar: BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 0 seconds) 

and I tried to run the unicorn.jar on console and got this message,  

ranjith@client73:~/NetBeansProjects/unicorn$ java -jar dist/unicorn.jar
[Usage] UnicornClient ucn_task=TASK ucn_uri=URI ucn_format=FORMAT
ucn_output=OUTPUT ... 

* tasks = one of task in tasklist.xml (eg: markup, css...) * inputType
      : uri|file * mimetype        : text/html|text/css|... (required
only if inputType='file') * pageToValid     : an uri or a path to a file
(depend on inputType) * otherParameters : param1=val1,param2=val2... 

[Example] UnicornClient markup uri=http://w3.org en xhtml10 [Example]
UnicornClient calculator uri=http://flyingman.sophia.w3.org/test en
text10 x2=on,ptoto=titi [Example] UnicornClient css
file=text/css=./style/base.css fr text10

I want to know how to run unicorn on command line and how to pass the

thank you awaiting for ur reply . 
Cheers, Ranjith Kumar.K, Software Engineer, Sedin Technologies, 

http://ranjithtenz.wordpress.com/ http://victusads.com/ 

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