Re: releasing current CSS validator code

+1 to releasing/packaging CSS Validator code

Yves Lafon <> writes:

>> 2) Create a .war file
>>  and/or find a way to include all necessary libs in a zip
>>  and/or fix the installation documentation
>> in other words, we need to fix the installation process. Many people
>> are complaining, which is not a good sign.
> the ant file should do it, no?

The Java crowd seems to really like .war files.  Personally I'm not a
fan of them and reminded of how Windows (XP,2k?) decided to avoid
their DLL hell by having applications with their own set of shared
libraries instead of actually sharing.  I'm not proposing an
alternative to the Java dependencies problem just nit picking their

Ted Guild <>
W3C Systems Team

Received on Monday, 5 January 2009 14:39:06 UTC