Re: Link checker 4.4 slight delay due to image URL issues

Hi Ville,

On 12-Feb-09, at 11:13 AM, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> Ok, I made links relative and bundled everything else except the  
> donation
> program stuff in the tarball, and just uploaded 4.4 to CPAN.

Great! It's on CPAN now indeed. I saw that the CpanTester seem to  
point at a number of FAIL.

the error seems to consistently be:
“Can't locate LWP/”

Odd... requiring LWP in Meta.YML should be enough to ensure that  
RobotUA is functional, shouldn't it?

> I tried to make the dir structure in the tarball mimic the one on
> so that no changes should be necessary when  
> updating the
> current version on to the "real" 4.4.  It should be  
> safe to
> just "cp -R images docs /path/to/validator/docroot" from the extracted
> tarball dir (actually I suppose copying the images dir isn't even  
> necessary)
> when updating it on, but I haven't been able to  
> verify this,
> so approach with care.

Since the images used are the same as the ones used by the markup  
validator, I actually didn't need to copy anything. cvs update to the  
right tag and make, make install seem to have done the trick.


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