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On Thu, 31 Jul 2008, Henri Sivonen wrote:

> On Jul 31, 2008, at 00:29, olivier Thereaux wrote:
>> not solved as far as I know. Yves seems to think it's not a big problem - 
>> which is great -. All I can say is that I've unfortunately been too busy to 
>> work on it but still think this should happen. If you and Yves can work 
>> together on it that would be perfect.
> OK. I'll put some cycles into this.
> (All the servlet that the controller uses are *very* old, except 
> for the part that requests incoming query strings to be decoded as UTF-8. I 
> guess I'll find out soon enough if that feature is in the version of servlets 
> supported by Jigsaw.)

I have to look at the code, but remember doing something for this kind of 
issue, anyway, we need to check that (and patch if needed :) )

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