Re: UniCORN book of specifications

Hi Bjoern,

On May 18, 2006, at 17:38, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> My two cents: If I had software design and Java coding resources, I'd
> use them to help improve the various Java-based validation tools, like
> Henri Sivonen's Validation service, Relaxed, experimental NVDL imple-
> mentations and so on, ideally help some of them to join forces and make
> a better combined tool, or I'd take the CSS Validator's parser and re-
> place all the individual per-property classes by a schema-based vali-
> dation approach, or just make a flexible online RelaxNG Validator that
> is less difficult to integrate than the others.

Many of these are actually being planned for later this summer, not 
indeed by Jean-Gui and Damien, but:
- I'm aware of some work in the near future on NVDL implementations
- Peter (from SUN, about whom I think I talked a while ago) has been 
getting up to speed on the CSS validation code, and the improvement you 
suggest could be on his list.

In other words, while I agree that the projects you list are useful and 
interesting, it does not, I hope, make the one we are discussing now 
less usefull or interesting. Notably, as you aptly put it later in your 
mail, you see some parts of the project as very useful.

> I indeed don't see how you could write a slick and maintainable frame-
> work without a common data model, and consequently still think this is
> what should be developed first. After that the tool glue (what you call
> "contract specification").

Damien and Jean-Guilhem are currently learning about technologies that 
will help them define and document  the observation data model, the 
interface/response description, etc, and started drafting such 


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